OUVAROFF assists its customers by offering solutions to issues of energy efficiency and means of access.

“Ensuring overall energy performance”

We are here for all your construction, maintenance, revamping or dismantling projects.

Our company’s strength of expertise lies in:

  • The different industrial insulation options

  • Scaffolding erection

  • Structure containment by installing shrink wrap film

Our expertise allows us to operate across very diverse markets and industry sectors.

Our main areas of intervention

Nuclear, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Roadworks, Asphalt Plants, Pharmaceutical Industry, Incineration, Food Processing Industry, Energy, Paper Mills, Heating and Air Conditioning, Engineering, Goods Export.

Industrial thermal insulation is how Ouvaroff started out.

With over 70 years of experience, the company possesses a recognized expertise when it comes to thermal, acoustic and cold insulation. Our expertise means that we work on new facilities, as well as carrying out maintenance and renovation work.

With our integrated design offices, OUVAROFF develops tailored solutions to respond to energy efficiency issues in environments where the facilities run at negative temperatures (cryogenic) all the way through to temperatures of above 1800°F.

Insulating the facilities of our clients allows energy to be saved, ensures staff safety and responds to environmental challenges.

We operate within all type of industrial processes: pipes and piping systems, reservoirs and cisterns, ducts and chimneys, furnaces and ovens, columns, skids…

OUVAROFF has modern and automated prefabrication workshops, with state-of-the-art, automated equipment that enables us to respond to the specific needs of each customer, such as providing prefabrication of double envelope thermal insulation.

In order to provide for our own access requirements while carrying out our thermal insulation services, OUVAROFF has developed a department that is specialized in erecting scaffolding.

Today, erecting scaffolding is at the heart of the company’s activity. We can take care of all of your projects, whether they require simple access solutions or more technical plans (suspended scaffold, temporary roof covering…) and we offer you innovative solutions from both our onsite teams and our design office.

Our expertise offers solutions for every requirement:

·        Traditional scaffolding for wall access

·        Temporary roof covering scaffolding with specific materials (sheeted structure installation)

·        Suspended platform scaffolding

·        Scaffolding with freight or persons elevator to gain access high up

·        Scaffolding for public access with staircases

The scaffolding erection is monitored by our design office and our QHSE service to ensure that all installations are totally safe. We operate across all business sectors:

·        Chemicals, Petrochemicals

·        Pharmaceutical Industry

·        Building, Events,

·        Historic monuments

·        Nuclear

·        Incineration

·        Asbestos Disposal

Our design office will take care of your projects and monitor progress on-site.

Designs are made in 2D or in 3D and we draw up our design calculations when required by the technical complexity of the worksite.

Certified in QUALIBAT 1412 (Technically Qualified) and SFCE (Advanced proficiency), we have a stock of multidirectional scaffolding certified as “NF”, which we can supplement if required, with the hire of equipment that is available to us 24/7, ensuring that we can be proactive and respond to our customers within the fastest timeframes. Our scaffold erectors are trained and accredited according to regulatory requirements.

Our scaffolding department is specialized in the installation of structures covered with thermowelded (thermoformed) sheeting for your containments.

The positioned film is heated with a hot air gun. Under the action of the heat, the film shrinks until it is tight, the sheeting joints weld together, and so create an environment that is totally encapsulated from water, air and dust.

We operate across the building, manufacturing and nuclear sectors:

The shrink wrap film ensures total environmental containment and perfect airtightness of a construction zone. Our experience provides us with a broad scope for projects, including:

·        Containment of areas contaminated by lead and asbestos

·        Containment of areas exposed to bad weather

·        Creation of a protection barrier in readiness for a production area and a worksite area

·        Setting up scaffolding net

·        Ground covering