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Ouvaroff is a leading provider of industrial thermal insulation and scaffolding erection services in France.

The expertise and know-how of OUVAROFF in all aspects of thermal insulation, scaffolding erection and installing shrink wrap containment allows us to provide services on a daily basis to fulfil the needs of the most demanding companies in the nuclear, manufacturing and building sectors, on both a national and international scale. The professionalism and skills of our teams are validated by numerous certifications and qualifications.

OUVAROFF, a company built on 70 years of experience, can take care of all of your projects thanks to our teams of insulation installers and scaffolders. With our design offices specialized in industrial thermal insulation and scaffolding erection, together we will design the most appropriate solution for your projects.

“OUVAROFF is committed to ensuring that your facilities are energy efficient”

Our markets

OUVAROFF provides services in industrial thermal insulation, prefabricated insulation, scaffolding erection and installation of shrink wrap across various industry sectors.

Our company offers services for the chemicals and petrochemicals markets, the pharmaceutical industry as well as incineration and asphalt plants.

We operate in nuclear power stations providing long-term maintenance services as well as the refurbishment of facilities, the replacement of major components and other new works.

With our long history in the industry, we have firmly established ourselves in the construction sector to provide scaffolding erection and shrink wrap services, whether that be for fixed and multidirectional scaffolding, access towers, temporary roof coverings, shoring system scaffold or platform hoists.


Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, we have firmly established quality processes in order to meet all of our customers’ needs.

OUVAROFF is committed to adhering to all current standards and regulations, in the areas of both Safety and Quality.