OUVAROFF takes care of any industrial thermal isolation and means of access issues you may have by offering you the benefits of our expertise.

With 70 years of experience in the field behind us, from chemistry to nuclear, as well as pharmacy and various other industries, OUVAROFF has the recognized expertise to resolve your energy efficiency and means of access issues.

Having worked in the chemical industry since 1951 with the Roussillon (former Rhône-Poulenc) chemical plant, we now offer a whole range of end-to-end services to respond to the needs of different industries.

We work with piping systems that are used to transport liquids and gas, integral components of any industrial process.

We solve requirements for insulation, scaffolding erection or installation of shrink wrap films on storage tanks, vessels and cistern towers.

We also work on the various kinds of industrial furnaces and ovens which run at high temperatures, along with columns, chimneys and other kinds of equipment.

Our range of services ensures that we have are firmly established as a provider of all forms of scaffolding erection, installation of thermal insulation and containment areas in all kinds of industries:

  • • Chemicals, Petrochemicals
    • Roadworks, Asphalt plants
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Incineration
    • Food processing industry
    • Energy
    • Paper Mills
    • Heating and Air Con
    • Engineering
    • Goods Export

“Eliminating all energy loss”

Pose de matelas Isolants

“Maintenance expertise for the operation of nuclear facilities”

OUVAROFF has worked in the nuclear domain since the 1980s, for the production of low-carbon electricity.


We mainly work with EDF and the CEA, providing long-term maintenance services as well as refurbishment of facilities, the replacement of major components and other new works.

The service that we offer you, from our years of experience in the field, solves all of your issues when it comes to Unit in Operation Projects, Unit Shutdowns, Major Refits and MEEI (Maintaining Perfect State of Facilities) while always observing the objectives of Security, Safety, Radiation Protection and Landscape Heritage Preservation.

Our Nuclear expertise:

  • Design
  • Prefabrication of single or double envelope thermal insulation
  • Supply of insulation, means of access and scaffolding equipment
  • Installation and removal of thermal insulation and scaffolding
  • Understanding of radiation protection control

Prébafrication de calorifuge encapsulé

With our long history in the industry, we have firmly established ourselves in the construction sector to provide services in scaffolding erection and containment, whether that be fixed and multidirectional scaffolding, access towers, temporary roof coverings, shoring system scaffold or platform hoists for such projects as:

·        Historic Monuments

·        Facade Restoration

·        Major works

·        Roofing / Cover

·        Asbestos Disposal

Film thermo-retractable sur façade